The TribeNet Rules Bot


Created by Raven Zachary (Clan 108, Ebune) using Botpress & now with ChatGPT 4 as of 29 December 2023.

Click the chat bubble icon in the bottom right to begin.

Sources used for the Chat Bot currently include the Mandate, the Research doc, Understanding the TribeNet Auto Turnsheet, Your First Turn in TribeNet, a movement table by terrain, and a text document where rules can be added should Cuneah misbehave and fail to answer a question or give the incorrect answer. Additional documents will be added as they become available for the TribeNet reboot.

Cuneah isn't perfect, but Chat Bot technology powered by ChatGPT is getting better over time. Sometimes Cuneah fails to give an answer, while other times it tries to create an answer from its knowledge base that it doesn't understand and communicates inaccurately.

If you encounter a problem, such as the inability of Cuneah to answer your question or if the answer is incorrect, please post on the #cuneah channel of the Tribe Talk Discord Server or email Raven Zachary. Please send both the question and answer text. This will help to fix the mistake.

Who was the real Cuneah?